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travel will always be exciting and carry a thrill of discovery when you go somewhere for the first time. but it will never be more exciting, or more of a thrill, than it is right now.

does that make travel more or less exciting? has the travel experience changed since you began? is there anywhere you feel you need to get to as soon as possible?

come, join me on my journeys and exploits of this magnificent land we call ‘home’.

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a wild cat in your backyard

news this week of a leapord on the prowl in an upscale school in the software capital of india, bengaluru and a jumbo running amok in the busy streets of siliguri - west bengal, has shifted the spotlight back to the man-animal conflict. while it is plausible, a wild cat in your backyard and a jumbo on a rampage among human settlement creates panic in the neighborhood, it is the way the whole episode is played out for the viewers which will put the poor stray animal in either good light or bad.

badass vs gentleman

dhole, the rust colored predator has an equally rusty reputation as the ‘bad-ass’ of the jungle, maybe this reputation together with it’s appearance (surprisingly small at just 12-18 kilograms, ferocity makes up for stature!), has not put it on the same pedestal as the tiger for conservation efforts.

oyo rooms

oyo rooms definitely has shaken up the indigenous travel market in india at the lower end of the spectrum. but, is everything as hunky-dory as it seems on the outside? well at first it seems everything is alright and looks like oyo rooms has got it’s act right. but first hand experience of oyo rooms by the xler suggests otherwise.

homestay dos

a home away from home - a holiday is as much about the accommodation, experiencing the local culture as much as it is about exploring the exotic places. a pleasant homestay experience will only add to the overall aura of travel. it is a great way of immersing yourself in the ‘local ways of doing things’, and build some lasting relationships. the xler has built some great friendships through such stays on his travels which have extended beyond the holiday.

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